Joly Adult Diaper With Elastic Waistbands

Joly Adult Diapers with Elastic sidebands is designed for people who suffer severe incontinence.

  • Provides safe and comfortable use with elastic waistbands that can be adjusted to exact waist size
  • Extra soft outer surface that breathes from the side does not rustle during use and gives a natural feel of regular underwear.
  • Waistbands are not affected by liquids and oils, can be opened and refastened many times.
  • Liquid barriers are soft and skin-friendly.
  • 3D water proofing system involving flow directing channels superabsorbent blue layer and dual absorbent structure provide higher degree of dryness.
  • Wetness indicator allows the diaper to be monitored by the color as it changes after urination.
  • Tested dermatologically and microbiologically.
  • Joly Adult Patient Diapers with Waistbands contains absorbent particles that ensure pH control and prevent unwanted odors.

Large (Pack of 8)

Elastic Sidebands

better enfold the body and prevent leaks.

Special Hook System

can be opened and closed many times, maintains its refastening capability even when cream or oils are applied.

Soft Textile Surface

designed to protect the skin of your patient.

3D Leakproof System

ensures your patient stays dry for longer time and traps the odors.

Discreet and quiet

thanks to special construction.

Wetness Indicator

shows you when your diaper needs to be changed.


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