Joly Pants

Certain factors like pregnancy, multiple natural childbirths, menopause, excessive weight, diabetes and malnutrition may result Incontinence in women. Prostate related issues, on the other hand, are the most recognized causes of urinary incontinence in men. Likewise, excessive body weight, diabetes, malnutrition and aging can be cited as reasons for urinary incontinence in men.

  • Joly Adult Pants are designed for people suffering mild to severe urinary incontinence but who are leading an active and busy life.
  • It is practical to use thanks to its design which makes it easy to put on and off like regular underwear, and it can be torn off from the sides after use and discarded.
  • Provides long-term dryness with fast absorption technology and liquid trapping system.
  • Liquid-proof barriers prevent leakage.
  • Soft textile outer surface has a cotton feel like underwear.
  • Breathable waist section prevents sweating.
  • It is discreet thanks to the product design that perfectly enfolds the body.
  • The most important feature of Joly Absorbent Underpants is the improved odor control system preventing the formation of unwanted odors.

Large (Pack of 8)

Joly Emici Külot - 360 Esnek Bel

360° Flexible Waist Technology

gives freedom of motion.

Joly Emici Külot - Islaklık Göstergesi

Wetness Indicator

shows when you need to change the underpants.

Joly Emici Külot - Daha Yumuşak

Softer inner and outer texture

is designed considering your comfort.

Joly Emici Külot - Nefes Alan Dış Yüzey

Breathable outer surface

reduces sweating and protects the skin.

Perfect-Fit Teknolojisi

Perfect-Fit Technology

ensures much more suited and discreet fit for your body.

Joly Emici Külot -

Leak proof Barriers

ensure use with confidence.


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